Dr. Soriano

Her Journey:

Dr. Soriano received her BA in Biology from Pomona College. She graduated from Stanford University's School of Medicine in 1986. Dr. Soriano did her residency in Family Practice at the Natividad Medical Center in Salinas California. Dr. Soriano and her family moved to Southern Oregon to work at La Clinica Del Valle in Phoenix, Oregon in 1989. She worked there until 1992 and then started her own solo practice in Ashland. Dr. Soriano moved her practice to a new office on Williamson Way in 1999.

About Doctor Soriano:

Dr. Soriano is married and has 2 grown children. Her husband works at Ashland Community Hospital as a radiology technician. Her children went to school in Ashland and graduated from Ashland High School. Her oldest, Mina, practices law in Seattle, WA. Her youngest, Issa is a medical assistant and you will find him working alongside his mother at the office. Dr. Soriano enjoys sewing, cooking and various crafts.

What I do:

I have a traditional family practice, including Pregnancy Care in Ashland Oregon. I especially enjoy taking care of patients and getting to interact with large extended families and circles of friends. Most of my patients come to me by word-of-mouth. I strive to acknowledge and care for all aspects of my patient's health; including physical, emotional and spiritual. I delight in going with my patients through their incredible journeys and take pride in having had the chance to follow many of my patients from birth to adulthood. Other patients I have followed from having young families to "empty nesters" and then to grandparenthood.

I emphasize preventive care. I feel strongly that having a good working relationship with your doctor aids in the healing process. The relationship should be such that you're able to discuss and communicate openly about emotional and physical concerns; as well as options and treatment plans. I endeavor to give patients choices about their health and help them gain a sense of responsibility for their own well-being. I take pride in being an excellent listener and always giving patients the opportunity to express what's on their minds.

After having delivered nearly 1,500 boys and girls, I can certainly say that the most rewarding part of my practice is delivering babies. I get to guide my patients through the journey of pregnancy and make sure they get to have the best experience possible. Every birth is without question a miracle and even after having delivered so many children, I still catch myself in a state of awe with each birth. I've now had the privilege of being able to deliver a second generation of babies born to young woman which I have also delivered.

Other Activities:

Since moving to the Rogue Valley I have been a part of the staff of Ashland Community Hospital (ACH). Over my twenty-four years here I have had different leadership roles. I've recently finished my third year as Chief of Staff at Ashland Hospital. In serving as Chief of Staff I have worked toward preserving our small community hospital. I feel that Ashland and the surrounding communities' need to have a hospital that can meet their needs and where they can feel cared for and comfortable.